Joy, Laughter, Confidence, Love, and Peace

The sun dried up all the rain.
Joy defeated the pain. Continue reading “Joy, Laughter, Confidence, Love, and Peace”


I Love You


I love you.
Not only because of who you are, but because of who we become when we are together.
Not because you always wear a smile, but because you carry a smile even when you don’t want to.
Not because you are always strong, but because you always manage to pick me up when I am weak.
Not because our relationship has always come easy, but because we held on to our love for one another in the darkest times.
Not because you are perfect, but because you are perfect to me.
I love you!


She wears wings upon her back.

Wings no one can see.

She appears to be the same as you and me.

Every task she seems to do with grace.

She is full of kind words and a gentle touch.

Somehow she turns your painful tears into laughter.

Most have not met this gentle soul.

They do not see what I see.

God sent her down here to look after broken souls, just like me.

She is my angel on this earth.

She wears wings upon her back.

Wings no one can see.

Let Me Hold You

The tears are falling fast from your eyes.

All the what ifs are controlling your life.

You have so many memories of all your heartbreak.

They are so loud inside your head.

Listen to me instead.

Do not run so fast.

We have come so far.

The love we have created was meant to last.

Let me hold you.

Forget about the past.

Please do not listen to the voices.

Do not run so fast.

Let me hold you.

Stay here with me.

Be here in this moment.

This is where you should be.


Let me hold you.