One Day Mama

I just want 5 minutes of quiet.
One day mama.
One day the silence will be the reason you cry. Continue reading “One Day Mama”


Break The “mold”

As parents we tend to set a “mold” for our children. When they are first born we often think we can plan out how they will behave and what they are and are not gonna do. So many times we said “my child will never act that way”. Or “my child will not every have to face those behavioral challenges”. The reality is God has a plan for them and life happens. As parents our goal in raising our children is that we raise them to be successful, happy, content, independent, giving, and loving individuals. No matter what our children face they have the same opportunity as everyone else to become those amazing adults that we so desperately want them to be. Our children are going to be the way God created them to be. Being Cameron’s mom broke all my “molds” I had set for him. He has fits that often bring him and I to tears. He uses language I swore he would never use. The struggles he faces daily breaks my heart, but I find hope and comfort every single day that he makes progress. Cameron is way above any “mold” I had set for him. He is perfect to me!! Every child is a blessing, and to get the opportunity to parent and nurture them is another blessing in itself. Cameron is no different. He continues to show me strength within myself I had no idea I had. He has taught me that his “fits” are not because he is a brat, but because he is struggling to communicate. He has taught me the upmost importance of communication. He has taught me that unconditional love has no limits. Being Cameron’s mom has taught me that it is time to stop trying to raise our children to fit inside the “mold” that the world has set for them. Let our children be themselves. Let them know that it is OK not to be the same as everyone else. Teach them they way they learn best. Discipline them based on what works for them as an individual. Most importantly LOVE them unconditionally!