Dead Rose Petals

The dead rose petals fall to the floor.
The wind blows in from the windows and the broken door.
The dark clouds are heavier than before. Continue reading “Dead Rose Petals”


I Am Sorry

I am sorry for all the times I let you down.
I am sorry I all too often turn your smile into a frown
I am sorry I make your heartache.
I am sorry for being the reason for your bad days.
I am sorry I don’t bring you the happiness you once knew.
I am sorry You do not smile like you used to.
I am sorry I am not all you hoped I would be.
I am sorry.













I Love You


I love you.
Not only because of who you are, but because of who we become when we are together.
Not because you always wear a smile, but because you carry a smile even when you don’t want to.
Not because you are always strong, but because you always manage to pick me up when I am weak.
Not because our relationship has always come easy, but because we held on to our love for one another in the darkest times.
Not because you are perfect, but because you are perfect to me.
I love you!