Left Alone

I listen to the screams.

The shattering glass pierces my ears.

It is the breaking of pictures that used to be.

Everyone is crying now.

I just want to fix this somehow.

The house is loud.

Even though I scream no one hears a sound.

I try everything in my body to be heard.

I cannot understand what you are saying.

All the words from your mouth do not make sense.

They are all slurred.

Mom wants to follow you.

She does not mind leaving us behind.

This house in no longer our home.

My brother and I have been here before.

She promised to never walk out the door.

The house is quiet now.

I am crying inside.

I cannot seem to let it out.

The pain and loneliness sets in.

Two broken kids.

Hoping that outside of this dark house is a world full of light.


Photo courtesy of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XWBF5u-7io


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