The scars show.

They are with me everywhere I go.

They remind me of a sad little girl, who had been broken down.

I can’t help but want to erase them somehow.

Some are just scratches, and some are deep.

They will always be a part of me.

As the years go by, they fade.

But I am reminded of the horror behind them every single day.

They are scars of battles both won and lost.

I survived them all, but my body paid the cost.

Those days of leaving deep scars are long gone.

Although the pain is of the past is still the same and has been for so long.

I refuse to believe that self-harm is ok.

I have the strength and determination to change.

I have learned healthy ways to cope with the pain.

Scars remind you who you were and who you are.

Our worth is not measured by our scars!


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