Break The “mold”

As parents we tend to set a “mold” for our children. When they are first born we often think we can plan out how they will behave and what they are and are not gonna do. So many times we said “my child will never act that way”. Or “my child will not every have to face those behavioral challenges”. The reality is God has a plan for them and life happens. As parents our goal in raising our children is that we raise them to be successful, happy, content, independent, giving, and loving individuals. No matter what our children face they have the same opportunity as everyone else to become those amazing adults that we so desperately want them to be. Our children are going to be the way God created them to be. Being Cameron’s mom broke all my “molds” I had set for him. He has fits that often bring him and I to tears. He uses language I swore he would never use. The struggles he faces daily breaks my heart, but I find hope and comfort every single day that he makes progress. Cameron is way above any “mold” I had set for him. He is perfect to me!! Every child is a blessing, and to get the opportunity to parent and nurture them is another blessing in itself. Cameron is no different. He continues to show me strength within myself I had no idea I had. He has taught me that his “fits” are not because he is a brat, but because he is struggling to communicate. He has taught me the upmost importance of communication. He has taught me that unconditional love has no limits. Being Cameron’s mom has taught me that it is time to stop trying to raise our children to fit inside the “mold” that the world has set for them. Let our children be themselves. Let them know that it is OK not to be the same as everyone else. Teach them they way they learn best. Discipline them based on what works for them as an individual. Most importantly LOVE them unconditionally!



Everything changes.
People change.
The ones you once knew, you no longer do.
They are just a stranger to you.
Places never stay the same.
They are removed or replaced.
Things change.
The dreams you once had, are no longer dreams.
All the plans you had for your life, nothing went as planned.
Change is healthy.
It is necessary.
As time slips away it changes everything.
Everything changes.

Those Days

I have had those days.
The days where I did not love myself.
I did not respect myself.
I have had days where I denied God.
The days where I was ashamed of who I was.
Who I had become.
Then I had the days where I found myself.
I have days, everyday, that I love myself.
I respect myself.
I have days, everyday, that I welcome God in my life.
I am not ashamed anymore.
I have became the woman I always knew I would.
Everyone has had those days.
Make today the day that you learn to love yourself, and respect yourself.
Make today the day you welcome God.

Silence Is Golden

Some would say it is golden.
I say it needs to be broken.
Some enjoy the sound of the quiet.
But me, I refused to be silenced.
Most are quiet because it is easy.
But me, I want everyone to understand me completely.
Most have lost their voice to make a sound.
I will be heard, loud and proud.
Some say it is golden.
I say it needs to broken.

A Heavy Heart

She carried a heavy heart.
A heart so heavy it could burst.
It took all she had to drown the hurt.
The pain she felt would not just go away.
It became a part of her.
It would forever run through her veins.
The tears rolled down her face.
She was begging herself to be OK.
Slowly, she tried to pick of the pieces of her broken heart.
Trying not to lose it all.
Trying not to fall apart.
It became a part of her.
She would never drown the hurt.
It would forever run through her veins.

Author of Your Story

They say you write your own story.
I do not believe this.
The beginning of our story is written for us.
My story began before I had any control.
When I was just a kid.
Just like the paper in my story I was ripped, and discarded with every mistake.
Every page is filled with a painful past and memories that no eraser can erase.
Chapter after chapter, someone else was writing my story.
Now that I am grown, the authors have changed.
All the pages written in past are staying there.
No one will ever again have possession of the pen that will write my happy ending.

Depression You Are A Thief

You steal the joy from so many.
All the energy they once knew, is gone.
You take and take.
The hole just gets deeper.
You do not provide a way out for them.
Depression, you are a thief.
You destroy families.
You change a person.
Some try to hide you.
Some can not.
Sadly, you do not just go away.
You take so many lives everyday.
Depression, the day will come.
The day when all those that are battling with you, will over come.
They will rise above you and be themselves again.
You just be another word to them, depression.
Depression, you are a thief.

Written By: Rebecca Carter

*I wrote this in hopes that anyone who is struggling with depression will come to realize that it does not just go away and you can not fix it alone! Get help if you need it. Take your life back from depression!*